Cake Basics Masterclass- Beginner Level

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All you need is the right guide and the right tools. This online class covers everything you need to know about baking, assembling and decorating single tier cakes. You'll learn step-by-step how to complete the class cake project from beginning to end, but you'll also gain the knowledge to continue creating your own cake masterpieces!

I’ve structured this course to set you up for maximum success. The entire process is broken down into individual manageable lessons that you’re able to pause and rewind as you follow along at home. 3 camera angles are used throughout the class so you can see what's happening on all sides!

Class includes over 3 hours of video content:

  • Introduction

  • Lesson 1- Ingredients, Supplies, and Tools

  • Lesson 2- Prepping the Cake Pans

  • Lesson 3- Mixing the Cake Batter & Baking the Cakes

  • Lesson 4- De-panning the Cakes & Leveling the Cake Layers

  • Lesson 5- Making Buttercream

  • Lesson 6- Making Chocolate Ganache

  • Lesson 7- Stacking & Crumb Coating the Cake

  • Lesson 8- Final Buttercream Coat

  • Lesson 9- Doing a Chocolate Drip

  • Lesson 10- Piping Decorations with Buttercream

  • Lesson 11- Final Decorating Touches & Cake Care Instructions

Plus, a downloadable Class E-Book with recipes and extra references!

First: Plan on following along as you watch the videos and be sure to watch every video in order! Treat it just like a real class!

Second: The proper decorating tools make ALL the difference! Make sure you have the proper tools. You can find the class materials list below in this description, in the class e-book download, as well as an affiliate link to my amazon shop where you can purchase many of those materials. 

Third: Complete the class over a few days. I’ve also organized the lessons this way, suggesting that you complete the class over the course of two-three days. On day one, we will cover how to bake the cake layers. On Day Two, we will make our buttercream and begin assembling and decorating. This is how I do all my baking for my own business- trying to do it all in one shot is one of the first mistakes that will make you never want to touch cake decorating again! It’s a lengthy process so splitting it up over a few days will definitely help you to get the best out of this experience.

Fourth: Cake decorating, just like any learned hobby or art, takes practice! Proficiency doesn’t come all at once. There's muscle memory involved. There’s a process to learn. That’s one of the biggest benefits of this online course- you can continue to watch and re-watch to hone your skills. If you keep practicing everything you learn from this course, you will be on your way to becoming a fabulous cake decorator!

Supplies Needed For the Class:

*Cake batter, buttercream, and chocolate ganache ingredient lists are provided once class is purchased. This class uses my best chocolate doctored cake mix recipe and American Buttercream.

For mixing the cake batter and buttercream you’ll need:

  • A bowl

  • A mixer (a hand mixer or a stand mixer will work just fine)

  • Measuring cups & spoons

  • A spoon

  • Whitener or purple food coloring

To bake the cake, you’ll need:

  • 2x 6in cake pans

  • Parchment paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Baking spray to grease the pan

  • Toothpicks

For getting the cake out of the pan, you will need:

  • A butter knife

  • A cake leveler

  • Plastic cling wrap

  • A sheet pan to put the layers on

For Decorating:

  • A turntable

  • An 8” cake board

  • An angled spatula

  • A sharp edged scraper

  • A 1M piping tip

  • 2 piping bags

  • Sprinkles of your choice!

Visit my affiliate Amazon shop to purchase the supplies and tools that you need:

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3+ Hours Video Lessons, Class E-Book, Access to All Class Recipes


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Cake Basics Masterclass- Beginner Level

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